Wednesday, 6 January 2010


My garden...and yes...I do recycle everything....not just old jokes on my blog

Bus versus Building ...I went to check everybody was okay and they were...although the chap in the flat was irritated...he had to stop drinking!!

South African hiking boots...any where...any place...any time!!

Fortunately the cafe across the road was open and I enjoyed...enjoyed?...a 'Full English breakfast'...never really sure how or why baked beans became a breakfast cost £4.70 and included a large coffee and a slice of bread and butter...and all the GTN you're ever likely to need!


  1. your garden is seriously over cluttered and what is with the mini windmills and all that trellis. this reflects serious sexual repression.

  2. That looks delicious but I'd exchange baked beans for black pudding - that is why I am constantly on diet.... (I don't remember breakfasts like that in S.A. - there are some good reasons to live in the Northern hemisphere!)