Friday, 8 January 2010

So...don't trust the police officer...

...I don't trust the police either...

Regular readers will know that I have been arrested,interrogated and been shot at by some of South Africa's finest police officers...not to mention those officers who would phone me at 2 a.m. and say "Hey...fat man...we are going to kill you!"

Really ?!?

You have to mention my weight 'problem' ?!?

Anyway...if you don't believe the police when they tell you to stay at home due to the atrocious weather then perhaps you could trust the BBC news broadcast...

...or the weather forecast...

...or notice that there are no trains running... buses running either...

Perhaps you could notice that most of the schools are closed...

...or that you and your idiot spouse are the only people in the Pub....that you just had to go too in blizzard conditions...

BTW...really ? didn't notice the snow on your way to the pub?

Whatever...congratulations on the magnificent ankle fracture...both malloli and the tibia separately!!


I'm pleased to be able to tell you that you've been short-listed for the Darwin Awards!!

So...this patient broke the lateral malleous (outside ankle bone) the medial malleous (inside ankle bone) and took a chunk out of the back of the tibia body... can just imagine how happy the orthopods were at 2130 last night...about as happy as the ambulance crew who had to take the patient to the main hospital as there was a decreased blood flow to the foot!!


AP view...from the front
the little hand is pointing at the medial malleous fracture

Lateral view...the little hand is pointing at the wedge of bone from the body of the tibia!


  1. when you are old. will you go and sit in an old persons home in Nysna and have a black woman poor talcum powder on you? or will you hobble around the uk in your ancient SA hiking boots and worry about heating payments. or do you intend to eat fatboy breakfasts everyday and hopefully die before you reach 80? i cant imagine your pension is up to much. maybe you will have to keep working till your 65..........................

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  3. Well...I've already had a "black" woman pour talcum powder onto me....indeed its one of my more innocuous fetishs'.
    Main plan is to drink copious amounts of Moet and hope for the best...its working so far...WooHoo
    BTW...why do you ask...did you want to make me an offer....loL