Thursday, 11 December 2008

Radiologists identify, successfully treat new form of self-injury

CHICAGO - Radiologists are in a unique position to diagnose and treat a newly identified psychiatric disorder in which patients jam paper clips, staples, pencil lead, and other foreign objects into their bodies, researchers said at the RSNA 2008 meeting.

The first report on the so-called self-embedding disorder "shows it is clearly worse than self-cutting: 90% [of victims] have suicidal ideations," said Dr. William Shiels, chief of radiology at Nationwide Children's Hospital in Columbus, OH.

"The radiologist is in a critical position to make the first diagnosis, remove the objects, and mobilize a multidisciplinary team to interrupt the cycle," he said. "Often, the parents don't know what is going on, the patient's physician doesn't know what's going on, but the radiologist can take one look at the x-ray and see the self-embedded object."

The new findings grew out of an ongoing longitudinal study in which 505 patients to date have undergone image-guided foreign body removal with sonography and/or fluoroscopy.

Of the 505 patients, the researchers identified 10 patients with a unique and consistent profile. First, they had inflicted the injury on themselves, embedding objects into their bodies with the intention of harming themselves, Shiels said.

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New ?? Really ?? I've been pulling things out of people for years !!
And I don't only mean my dates !!

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