Friday, 28 November 2008

New mental illness discovered

I would like to report that I discovered a new mental illness that I shall call "Mature-type-onset Tourette's syndrome".

It appears to be Intermittent in presentation,and indeed,frequently,appears to be externally-driven or situationally-triggered.

It has been extensively reported in ER Units by staff who apparently,on interaction with patients, -and particularly on night duty-,find themselves inexplicably swearing,cursing,'taking-of-the-Lords-name-in-vain' or smacking of the forehead whilst uttering the phrase "what the hell was I thinking when I took this job!!"

There is an apparent subset of the disease,which appears to be motivated by interaction with Hospital management,and in particular,with so-called 'bed-managers'.

The cure appears to be either copious amounts of alcohol or several bars of chocolate per day.
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