Tuesday, 3 February 2015

Glad tidings of comfort and joy....

I met with my Oncologist last week to get the result of my post-chemo PET scan.

I was stunned by the result....as was she.

There are two main items in the report: -
Firstly, the cancer in the liver and in the lymph nodes surrounding the blood supply to the liver has completely resolved. This is an unexpected but positive and crucial result.
Everything else in my abdomen and chest is clear.

Secondly, there are some bizarre isolated lymph nodes in my retroperitoneal space, which are showing signs of ‘abnormal metabolism’ whatever that may mean - I've come to understand that it does not necessarily mean cancer. Indeed, the reporting radiologist and my oncologists and the DXT consultant are not sure what is causing the lymph nodes to show up.

I was referred to the radiotherapy team for treatment of these isolated nodes and met with them today. After some preliminary planning and CAT scans I will be undergoing five weeks of radiotherapy probably starting towards the end of February.

I will be given some tattoos on my abdomen as markers for the radiotherapy - my first tattoo!!

I am meeting with Occupational Health on Monday 9th February with the expectation that I am will return to work on Monday 16th February on a graduated ‘return-to-work’ plan which will hopefully coincide with the DXT.



  1. Holy moly. What a ride. Holding every thumb I have.

  2. hip hip hooray!!

  3. F***in' brilliant news mate. Well done. Could not be happier for you. Take it easy, do not overdo things and try to get back to normal. I'd give you a hug but you would probably punch me. Have a virtual beer on me.

  4. Sounds good! Best wishes from this stateside fan!

  5. Good Karma- Very pleased to hear the great news.