Monday, 15 December 2014

"The Golden Hour"

In 1989 my then brother-in-law popped over one evening and asked us if we had any ideas for TV programs.
He used to work as a sound engineer for a small TV production house.
At the time, the concept of 'The Golden Hour' was still relatively new in trauma medicine particularly in South Africa;and so we suggested this concept as a possible idea.
We wrote a one-page treatment and I  discussed the potential program with Dr Ken Boffard, the then consultant in charge of the Trauma Unit ( Area 163) at the Johannesburg Hospital.

I didn't get an on-screen credit although I recall we were paid a lot of money for the idea.

This program is as more a slice of  medical history and South African social history than anything else...and I was  a little surprised to see how many of the nurses  I later dated!

The concept is still generally valid although the newer 'Platinum 20 Minutes' is a more up-to-date protocol.
Copyright is apparently held by the SABC and the program was made by Penguin Films;but since it doesn't appear to be available anywhere to rent or buy or even illegally if I would....never I tell you, never....I thought I would put it up.


Gosh....weren't we all so young!!

BTW...'hotdogtimmy' was my call sign...from the verb, 'to hotdog' grandstand...but I looked really cool.

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