Friday, 8 March 2013

The Gender Agenda

Its "International Women's Day" today and the theme for 2013 is 'The Gender Agenda'.

And so , sitting on the train this morning, reading a funny text from my daughter, I thought about all the women I know who have made me the man I am today....
...a gibbering wreck, poor and bitter and twisted !!

I joke!'s to you all...

My lovely daughter Claire, (aka Miss Polly) , who surprises me, amazes me, inspires me, amuses me, confuses me, and delights me  in equal measure.
And who groans at all of my jokes.
And who laughs at all the dating horror stories.

Diana, the mother of my two wonderful children - thank you.
Thank you as well for your help with my dad.

Tish.."Queen of 'Accident Service' at the Joburg Gen" and '163/ Trauma Unit' at the Johannesburg Hospital who gave me work when no one else would and who is still supportive of my career.
Its all your fault lovey!!

Colleen Mac...friend , confidant, therapist,vegetarian who me something new to think about.

Anthea...aka 'The Matron'...friend, true Christian in every possible sense of the word,lover of good wine and laughter.

Sue...Suzy, my marketing guru , friend and therapist...thanks for all the help at the Park Lane and the DMA which helped me get the Habitat for Humanity job and got me dinner in New York with a US President and a certain Mayor.

Charmaine...who has had lunch and dinner with me all over the world.Good times.

Wyona...the best school friend I had who with her family showed me such kindness on so many occasions.

Shereen...the most interesting Buddhist I know.

I have been so privileged to know you all...

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