Saturday, 16 February 2013


Oh Oscar...what happened?

Most of my patients over the past 3 days, upon hearing my accent,all expressed their surprise/horror/mystification/*add your own feeling here* at the unfolding Oscar story.

Most of them felt that his personal story was -the- story of the London Olympics.

And so tonight , sitting at dinner, (an M&S 4 cheese ravioli), I thought of him and Ms Steenkamp.

And suddenly...this tune...the theme tune from "Vyfster" popped into my head.

Its one of the best themes I've heard...and tonight it seemed quite apt.



"Five star" ( a play on the concept of a luxury hotel) was a South  African television drama broadcast by the SABC. in 1984 . The TV series was set in a prison and dealt with the trials and tribulations of prisoners and prison guards. This was later followed by a film entitled Five Star: The End (1985). 

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