Saturday, 18 February 2012

Footloose and fancy free

"Mrs Amazon?"

A tall ,well dressed, well built and middle aged woman (who looked like she had played rugby for England...and possibly as a male), and started to lever herself out of the chair she had been sitting in...
...first she grabbed hold of the arms of the chair and pushed herself upwards,a few inches off of the seat...
...then she ordered her husband to stand in front of her...and grabbed hold of the lapels of his expensive looking tweed jacket...and pulled herself completely upright using his bony body as a ladder.

From 4m away , at the doorway leading from the consulting area to the waiting room,I could see her right ankle was swollen and bruised and deformed...and that she was reluctant to weight bear through the foot.

She started to hobble slowly towards me,grimacing in pain,clutching hold of her desperate looking husband.

I thought I should be her husband...
...he looked like he had just been through a famine...she looked like she had caused it.

Also...I had just asked Julian to put my 'M&S Beef and red wine casserole' into the microwave....I only had 4 minutes to see the lady.

"Would you like a wheel chair Ma'am...?"

No...she snapped...I don't need a wheelchair...I managed to get myself here all the way from London you know...
(Some 110 miles away...)

"Did you *walk* from London...?" drove...

Mrs Amazon looked at her Lunch (ticket).
He looked back at her.

The other patients started to snigger.

"Please get into the wheelchair then..."

The ankle was broken.

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  1. Poor ankle, what with a lifetime of carrying so much weight around.