Sunday, 1 January 2012

The first patient of 2012...

The first patient was a 4 year old boy,-Timmy-, who had been tugging at his ear overnight and was a little quieter than normal according to his father.
He was "well presented",was playing happily in the waiting room ;and had been given sufficient analgesia.

I examined him and determined that he had an inner ear infection,an otitis media,and decided to prescribe some Amoxil syrup for him.
We have a small dispensary in our Unit for 'out of hours' medicines when patients are unable to get to a pharmacy.So I asked Timmy and his father to wait in my room and went to make up the antibiotic.

I returned shaking the bottle of day-glo yellow syrup .

"'s Timmy's medicine...keep it in the fridge...shake it before use...he needs to finish the whole bottle...come back if you have any further concerns...Okay?"

Timmy looked at his dad... that for me ?

Yes...its all yours, smiled his father.

Its a nice colour...does it taste nice...?

He looked at me.

" tastes of bananas..."

Will it make me all better...?

"Yes it will..."

He smiled.

Thank you!

What else do you say...?

Oh...ummhh...happy new year!

Sometimes...just like you couldn't make up the crazy also couldn't make up the nice stuff.

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