Thursday, 10 March 2011

A bird in the hand....

To the Hon Hand Surgeons

Thank you for seeing this patient who is a 51 year old male.
He is unemployed;a smoker;and whilst he is divorced,he still lives with his ex-wife.

He is right hand dominant.

He reports that he has had erectile difficulties for some time despite being on Viagra.
On Saturday night,after having had a shower and whilst watching an episode of Strictly Come Dancing with his ex-wife,he found himself the proud possessor of an unexpected erection.

He was keen to make full use of the erection....and after much begging and pleading and crying, so too,- apparently-, was his ex-wife.
Unfortunately,after a very short time....and before either he or his partner had achieved any full measure of satisfaction and joy and happiness...he lost the erection.

And choose to punch the wall in anger.

He has fractured his (R) 5th meta carpal.

Kind regards


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