Monday, 18 October 2010

Mother always said that honesty was the best policy, and money isn't everything. She was wrong about other things too

Julian called me to the phone to answer a query...he left it on speaker phone...

"Hello....can I help you?"

Yes....I'm phoning on behalf of my daughter...she's 20...

"Uh huh...well...if shes 20 years old,can't I talk directly to her?"



What it is....shes was having sex with some boy last night...and the condom came off...and she thinks its still inside want to there someone in your department who can remove it?

(Julian went all bug-eyed and started to giggle nervously...I just can't rely on him sometimes...)


Oh...and she is also going to need the morning-after-contraceptive pill....can she get that from you as well?


About an hour later the mother and daughter came into the department...into my room...

"Are you sure you want your mum to stay with you for this procedure?",I asked as I lubed up the speculum


"Are you sure you want to stay in the room Ma'am?" I asked as I opened the packet containing the sponge-holder-forceps.


I left.
She stayed.

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