Saturday, 6 December 2008

The good old days

As always,as winter approaches, and the Labour Party polls behind even the Satan-for-President Party,there is talk of upping pensions ;and of increasing the 'winter fuel allowance'.

Of course,the fact that Labour policy,-well...I say policy...-,has resulted in rocketing utility bills is somehow overlooked or ignored.

Suffice to say that a lot of pensioners, and in particular single pensioners,are stuck at home,cold and friendless and miserable.

I believe that this year,instead of a fuel allowance,the government should provide access to the very best of cable television.

The flickering of the screen will give them a sense of an open fire in their hearth.

And not only will they have a 24/7 world of entertainment and a window on the world,hitherto denied them,but they will be able to watch the History Channel.

And the repeats of 'The World at War'.

Ad nauseum.

This will remind them of the following:-
  1. The good old days weren't actually so good-seeing Belgium because you were conscripted isn't the same as a 3-day Eurostar break .
  2. The Germans built good roads,but only so that they could invade us!
  3. Rationing was in fact,horrible.Only the French really like horse meat.
  4. Wet flannels on a fevered brow do not work as well as penicillin.
  5. Or ibuprofen
  6. Amputations are better with anaesthetics.
  7. The condoms didn't work.
  8. And were difficult to obtain in the first place.

So I'm sorry that you were only able to save 2 florins,a tub of lard and a slightly used chicken to see you through your old age.

And that you had to walk , barefoot , through 7 miles of snow to do so.

And I'm not being disrespectful , but I'm not Dr Finlay,I don't know if his casebook is still open for new patients, and I need to see another patient now.

And,-one day-,2008 is going to be 'the good old days' for someone else.

Mind you , I am grateful that I don't have to blog in German.Thanks!!

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