Wednesday, 7 January 2009

Another 'Word of the Day'


A point reached in certain activities - the folding of a map , the untangling of a kite on a mercilessly cold and windy day - where it seems concedivable that you will be trying to accomplish this one task for the rest of your life on earth.

In my case , trying to get an accurate 'previous medical history'...or even an explanation of the presenting injury that bears any relationship to what I can see on the X-ray...or even...

...well...last week, despite showing a patient her very nasty head-of-humerus fracture,she insisted that it was her wrist that was the problem and not her shoulder...despite having no recollection of how she sustained her injury...having a completley normal wrist film...and being unable to move her shoulder at the end I just got up and left the room and sent Julian in to sort out her fracture clinic appointment...


From "Wyse Words" by Pascal Wyse in the Guardian , 27 December 2008

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