Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Retrogenese – A Stop Motion Tale of Alzheimer’s Disease

Regular readers will know that this is essentially a humorous blog, reflecting the daily trials and tribulations of a South African nurse working in a very poor part of England within the NHS whilst trying to maintain his own humanity.

Regular readers will also know that I had a cornea graft 10 days ago...
...and to be honest...whilst the operation was (so far)(touch wood) technically a success...
...although the surgeon told me the op was difficult as I apparently have 'large eyes'...
...(even my eyes are overweight)...
...mentally it was quite a challenge.
As is the photophobia and endless watering...

And also I'm probably going to be off work for about 3 months in total , including some 'normal' vacation I am obliged to take before the end of October , which I will add onto my sick leave.

As such,the postings may be varied, less medical, and even slightly more serious than normal...
...like this one.


Suus Hessling created this touching, yet direct, stop-motion animation for her graduation project at the School of the Arts in Utrecht, The Netherlands. 
Driven by a fascination for Alzheimer’s and its affect on the brain, Suus goes on to explain, in 4 minutes of stop-motion animation, what happens when you get Alzheimer’s. Alzheimer’s is a devastating disease not only for the person suffering from it but also the family and caretakers involved. Suus does a wonderful job explaining the gradual mental and bodily decline through the art of stop-motion, which in itself is a slow and meticulous process .

View more of Suus’s beautiful work at suushessling.nl! - 


  1. My dad is beginning to forget a lot, the names of people he knew really well, and sometimes how to get to places he knows really well. It is frightening to see, even though he is still working (he is 80), and can still recall minute work related things. I can't say that it is the beginning of Alzheimer's, as he is not ready to talk to anyone about it yet, but it has changed how I view the future.

  2. hey, i want to have conversation with Suus, vial email or anything. i am 23 yet and forgetting things, i read and do not understand what i m reading, i mean not interested in anything.