Friday, 17 May 2013

Look...I'm not saying that *all* of my colleagues are stupid...

So there was a public holiday here last week...what the locals call a "Bank Holiday".

And knowing that we would be busy and probably overwhelmed with patients, - as was the case, with St Vulvas declaring a 'Condition Black' at about 0830...when they started  holding ambulances and sending chest pains to us-, I decided to make my famous bitter-chocolate-and-sour-cherry tart...

I also made some individual chocolates with the surplus ganache mix.

And I decided to sprinkle some decorative and edible sugar stars onto the tart and the choccies, just to make them look attractive and to offset the bitterness of the chocolate.

'Ere Lucien....that looks very pretty...

"Jah it does look nice...I was just fooling around really..."

Can you eat those stars...?

"Jah...they're made from sugar..."

Did you make them...?

" buy them from a cake decorating shop..."

How did you get them on the chocolate...?

"Well...I tipped them onto a plate and with some very-fine-toothed forceps I picked them out one by one, and placed them on the tart..."

Gosh...that must have taken you a long time then... 


The ganache recipe is simple :
Heat 200 mls of double cream and 50 grams of salted butter until the cream just comes to the boil.
Take it off the stove and stir in 250 grams of bitter chocolate (or indeed any dark chocolate).
Pour it into a pastry case.
Lick your fingers.

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