Saturday, 1 December 2012

Transubstantiation : Part Five : T minus 2 days

Denise Ann Darvall (1943 – 3 December 1967) was the donor in the world’s first successful human heart transplant.

After her father gave his consent, Darvall's heart was donated to Louis Washkansky. Her kidneys were given to 10-year-old Jonathan van Wyk.

His wife had told him that she wanted to be cremated should anything happen to her, but he had no idea what his daughter would have wanted.
It only took him about 4 minutes to make his mind up; he remembered a birthday cake she had once made with a heart on it and the words DADDY WE LOVE YOU. 

He also remembered a bathrobe she had brought him with her first week’s wages; she was like that always giving things to other people, so he decided to say yes.

Mr Darvall never regretted donating Denny's heart. 
He said “I could never have forgiven myself if I hadn't, I would have been haunted by her voice asking me, ‘Why daddy didn't you do it - why didn't you want to help save that person’s life?’ "

Click  the  'play button' below to hear Lucien read an excerpt called "The fathers Story"  from "One Life" by Chris Barnard.

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