Friday, 6 May 2011

Wrong number

The patient was a 26 year old male, expensively dressed,sitting in the waiting room talking on his cell phone.

"Mr M'Ballz Es-Hari ?"

He looked at me,continued talking,and did a little wave of his hand that I took to mean I should wait for him to finish his call.

Letting a little tone and hardness creep into my voice..."Mr M'Ballz Es-Hari..."

He looked at me,grimaced,then stood up and followed me into the Unit.
My consulting room is about 25m from the door.
I could hear him talking on his cell phone whilst he walked behind me.

"Right...please have a seat Sir...what can I do for you today then?"

He sat and carried on talking on his phone...and again waved his hand in my general direction.

'Okay...buddy....either switch off your phone and pay attention....or get out of my emergency room..."

(I love saying that although he didn't technically meet all the requirements of being a GOMER)

I'm talking to my father in Saudi Arabia...!

"I don't care who you're talking too...if you don't have enough manners or sufficient courtesy to stop talking...then...really...get out of my emergency room...there are plenty of patients who do want to be seen today..."

He jumped up from the chair,raised his hand above his head...and threw his BlackBerry to the ground...where it broke into 5 separate pieces.

There...are you happy now...?

"Deliriously don't you sit down and tell me whats wrong..."

Imagine his fury when I decided that he had a viral throat infection and wouldn't give him any antibiotics....despite the fact that his father is a Sheik...apparently...

Its just been a week for Royalty...

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