Friday, 6 August 2010

You get what you pay for...part 3

So I had a good day at work on was relatively quiet;we were well staffed;I was working with a student who was polite and articulate and was willing to listen to my 'war stories'.I had a salad for lunch and spag-boll for dinner.

The highlight of the day was a slobbery kiss-and-hug from a young woman to whom I had given 'God's own dose' of entonox so that I could re-locate her dislocated patella...and ..."yes" colleagues have already made all the jokes about the only affection I ever get is from people I have drugged!!

*sigh* was a good day,I left work on time and had a sleep-in on Friday morning.Whilst I was idly eating my fruit-&-fibre cereal and wondering if I should drag my weary body to the gym ,the phone rang.


It was the MRI technician...who told me that my scan had been reported on...and that after the Consultant Radiologist had spoken to the Consultant Neurologist yesterday,that she had decided to do some more views.

"Nothing to worry about",I was told.

Uh huh...

So back I went,trying to think of witty remarks to make...but failing.
The staff were just as friendly and professional...and this time offered me a choice of music to listen too...I asked if they had any Sinatra...they offered Dean Martin...a good second choice...
...what they weren't to know was that I am suffering from a broken heart...frankly whatever is happening in my head is irrelevant at the moment....I miss her so much.

Anyway...there I was...strapped into the MRI and as I lay Spam-in-a-can...the music started...

The songs this exact order:
  1. "You're nobody till somebody loves you"
  2. "Just one more chance"
  3. "Have A Little Sympathy"
  4. "Return to me'
And I was getting ready to just kill myself through spontaneous combustion...
......"Memories are made of this".

You couldn't make it up...its like the fickle finger of fate is enjoying itself too much.
Lordy Lordy!

Really...will someone just cut my freaking head open!!

So for those of you to young to have ever heard of Dean Martin...have a look at this...I'm going to buy some rope!!

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