Monday, 2 August 2010

Sunday Shift Statistics

On Sunday I worked from 0800 until 2200 with meal breaks from 1000 to 1030;1330 to 1415; and 1900 to 1930.
We had a relatively quiet day....I only saw 26 patients so had a chance to really chat to the few lost souls who needed some extra time....

16...the number of beautiful bouncing babies who were unwell with various viral illnesses and who had a rash and a temperature and who ALL smiled at me...although its true I had to tickle some of them first...
1...yummy mummy

3...the number of patients needing the 'morning-after-pill'
2...the number of MAP patients who didn't understand what "monogamous" meant

2...the number of people who had lived in the UK for more than 5 years;who were drawing benefits;and who spoke no English

6...the number of single mothers with more than 1 child and who are on 'benefits'

2...the number of children who haven't received  the MMR vaccination

1...the lady with Charcot-Marie-Tooth disease who was wondering if there had been any new developments in treatment since her last appointment at the prestigious London hospital where she is normally treated

3...the number of subungal hematoma's I drained abscess 

1...patient who had punched a wall and  fractured 2 metacarpals

1...patient who had punched a sofa and fractured 1 metacarpal

3...patients who started the consultation by saying..."I have been on holiday in Greece and have an ear infection"
...and who had "swimmers ear'
...and who didn't want to see the doctor in Greece because 'he was foreign'
...who thought I was Australian!!

*Good grief*

1...patient with a heart rate of 32 and a BP of 200/140...with ECG changes who I had to transfer to St Vulvas'
2...big,fat,large bore grey cannula's...1 in each arm

80% of patients were retired or unemployed

0 patients worked in any type of  manufacturing job or industry

1...patient who had picked his nose until it fairness he was 6 and very funny and asked me for a Polo mint...which I gave him

1...patient who I referred to the Out-of-Hours emergency Doctor service as I had no idea what was wrong with her

1...referral made to Social Services and the Health Visitor

2...teenagers asked by me to take off their baseball caps and to sit up straight and talk properly

1...mother who asked me to tell her teenage daughter that she could 'get an infection down there from sitting in a jacuzzi'
1...the number of teenage girls requesting asylum

0 patients had taken any analgesia for their injuries 

1...very very fat and charming couple ,who...-when I asked the husband what he had eaten that morning as he had been vomiting-, whose wife then replied that "they weren't  really breakfast people" the other 17 meals and snacks then...

My BP is normalising ahead of my brain MRI on Tuesday although I still have some intermittent blurred vision in my left eye and very little feeling in my face
I still all know who I still much......*sigh*
I worked with 3 other South Africans;1 New Zealander;a Scot;and a few assorted Poms

I ate :-
  1. a cherry scone
  2. a lemon mousse chocolate bar
  3. a banana
  4. orange yogurt
  5. an M&S 'chilli steak and coriander rice' ready meal for lunch
  6. a 'hot smoked Arbroath salmon with potato salad' ready meal from M&S
  7. a packet of cheese and onion crisps
  8. a piece of cherry cheesecake...OK...a large piece
  9. 4 cream crackers with pickled onion cheese pieces
  10. 2 chocolate biscuits
And I read the Sunday Times...

I pretend to work...they pretend to pay me a living wage!!

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  1. you salt intake is very high.