Saturday, 1 May 2010

Mayday!! Mayday!!

The first thing I had to deal with was the Man-from-Afghanistan....who wanted to complain...because...much to his surprise,there were no Afghan nationals working as doctors or nurses in our Unit...and no Dari,Pastho or Hazaragi speakers either...and that we had to use our very expensive interpreter service to fully and adequately communicate with keep him safe and provide proper care...gee...fancy that.

In fairness,he didn't understand my Zulu when I said ...Uyahlanya stabane-ngizokushaya wena!!

Score :- Crazies 0 / Lucian 1

The first patient was a young woman in her twenties who told me that she was a teacher.

Her right (dominant) hand was swollen and bruised.

"So....what happened to your hand then?"

Well...what it was...last night...I was shagging some bloke I met at the club...and then he come in me....and I realised that he wasn't wearing a I punched the wall...

Score :- Wall 1 / Hand 0

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