Thursday, 3 September 2009

"You are the weakest link...goodbye!"

The patient was a 35-year old woman with a head injury.She was accompanied by her mother.

" you know the name of the Prime Minister?"

Of England?

"Jah...the United Kingdom even...Great Britain perhaps...but I'll settle for England"

Ummh....Thatcher? ....Something Thatcher? ...Thatcher Something?

" you know the name of the Monarch?"

Whats a 'Monarch'?

"Do you know the name of a person who might wear a crown and live in Buckingham Palace?"


Go on, says her mother...ask her what she does for a living!

"Okay...what do you do for a living then?"

I'm a high-school teacher...

Go on, says her mother...ask her what subject she teaches!

"Okay...what subject do you teach?"

Modern History...


She also thought 'hopscotch' was about the devolution of Scotland!


  1. please can i have a teaching session from you on neuro examinations. what with large freckly bovine females doing starjumps to teachers being asked to do hopscotch: i think your clinic would be very exciting. Is this what you lectured on at Wits

  2. Thanks Anon!! No ...alas I lectured on "the sudden death of children",a psychological approach to managing families and survivors incl staff & tried to run a small clearing desk on issues such as SIDS and miscarriage;on epideimology for Trauma Nursing students;and qualitative and quantitative research issues.I'm actually a REAL nerd and very very boring!!I just meet interesting people.

  3. Go watch District 9 at the oedeon