Tuesday, 29 September 2009

A weekend away

So I spent the past weekend in an "English Country Cottage" just outside of a charming little town called Dorchester in Dorset...our cottage was about 500m from the house in which the writer Thomas Hardy was born...and in which he wrote 'Far from the Maddening crowd'.

And I say "our cottage"...because I should probably tell my faithful reader that I am wildly in love with the most beautiful girl in the world...(apart from my daughter obviously)...and who I have been dating for the past 6 weeks...which explains why there have been fewer postings than normal...and we went away for a romantic weekend to explore our burgeoning relationship..."Woo-Hoo"


Anyway...Dorchester is a very old and quaint town,with evidence of pre-historic settlements ,and is believed to have been fortified and settled by the Romans sometime around AD70.

Its built in a series of squares and is very easy to walk around once you have mastered the nonsensical one-way system, and we were blessed with beautiful Indian-summer days.

Now as TMBGITW and I wandered hand-in-hand through the town we couldn't but help notice that the local yokels looked like...well...yokels...and like there were lots of first-cousin relationships...indeed,driving into the town,we were surprised to find that the car stereo could only pick up station - "Hillbilly Radio"- ,...and the only song they seemed to be playing was 'Dueling Banjos' .

Walking around the town and speaking to people was a bit like a cross between "Shaun of the Dead" meets "The Stepford Wives"...because I can honestly say that without exception everybody we spoke too was polite and pleasant and helpful...

We went to M&S as we had a desire to get some lobster for dinner...
Yes...yes...I know that there is a recession but really...why take it out on the fishermen?

So we asked one of the shop assistants if they sold any dressed ready-to-eat lobster...-they didn't;and if there was anywhere we could get one in the town...-there wasn't.

But whirling around like a trolley-dolly on a low-budget,eastern-European airline, and gesticulating wildly, she kindly gave us a series of directions to three other shops all of which started "...turn left at the bread counter...straight down through lingerie...past hats...out the front door... ....until you come to a stall...that may,or may not,be open..."

Helpful though,like you just don't find anymore!

Nevertheless,as the sun started to set, we were aware that the town was silent,the locals were warily eyeing the two exotic foreigners and we kept a sharp eye open for the crowds with pitchforks.

We ate lunch here on Sunday and I have no hesitation in recommending this restaurant...we stumbled across it quite by accident...and had one of the best meals I have eaten in the UK...

TMBGITW had the roast-lamb lunch and I (being a peasant at heart) had the full English breakfast;and with desserts (orange brioche bread-and-butter pudding with custard and vanilla ice cream) and 3 soft drinks and 3 cups of coffee the bill still only came to £25-00.

The food was fresh and clearly 'home made' as it were.Neither of us were able to finish the meals...well...we did of course but it was a struggle !

Its well worth a visit and they even have gourmet tasting nights!


  1. R u Adrian A Mole or A A Gill?

  2. Looks luverly... And sounds lovely - so happy for you ;-)