Tuesday, 4 August 2009

Sex in this City

So there I was in my consulting room,with a 14 year old girl -who is the patient-,and her mother.
They are both chewing gum and are both displaying more flesh than I would hope for just before lunch.

The girl has a really bad strep throat,fulfills all the criteria for antibiotics, and so I am about to give her a course of Penicillin.

She is however,-and although she is only 14-,already on the oral contraceptive Pill.

Now there is a lot of debate about the possibility of adverse interactions between antibiotics and the Pill,where basically,its thought that the antibiotics could stop the Pill from being effective and working properly.
Some say there is no effect;some say there is an interaction.

In our Unit,in our Health Authority Area,and given the problems attendant to an unsought pregnancy,we tend to err on the side of caution...

"Right...here are the antibiotics I would like you to take for the next seven days...now...just to advise you...you may not be covered by your Pill for the rest of this cycle...and all of the next cycle...Okay?"

What do you mean...I won't be covered?

Yeah...what do you mean?? says the alleged mother

"Well...its thought that the Penicillin can stop the Pill from working properly...so if you are going to have sexual relations with someone else,then you need to use an alternate means of birth control...Okay?"

What do you mean...'alternate'?

"Well...a condom..."

Well I don't like using condoms...and my partner doesn't like them either...!

(Her 'partner'...?)

Yeah...she doesn't like using condoms!!

So what am I supposed to do then...huh??

"Well...perhaps you could just pretend you are actually 14 years old and NOT have sex for six weeks...how does that sound...?"

But its the holidays!!

Yeah...its the holidays!!

"Gosh...aren't you a little 'black-hole of need'..."

"Okay...here's a phone number for you...its the Chaplain...phone him and see if he cares...have a nice day now...somewhere else."


  1. Father Rick said:
    thankyou for the refural.......

  2. sad but amazingly funny. makes you think evolution is in reverse, especially if it is allowed to breed.