Thursday, 2 April 2009

This had to hurt!!

This young biker was doing some Moto-X trials and had an accident which included performing six complete somersaults.
He wasn't sure at what stage of the accident that he had sustained his injury.

He had an isolated 'Left' wrist injury;fortunately his non-dominant hand.

Unfortunately he suffered what we call an 'OMG' injury and required immediate surgery as he essentially dislocated his wrist and broke most of the bones including breaking his scaphoid into three pieces.

For reasons best known to himself he decided to drive past the main academic hospital-where he had gone with a previous injury but had what he described as a "bad experience"-,and to come to our Minor Injuries Unit!

He was very excited when I asked him if I could blog images of his x-rays !

Fame is fleeting!!

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