Thursday, 30 October 2008

Can you speak slower...please

I understand that you are scared when you come to hospital.

Particularly if you actually have an emergency medical problem...even if its only that you need an urgent prescription for Emergency Contraception.

No , really I do.

And I know that I have an 'odd' accent and trained in,- (what is for you)-, a "foreign" if you are worried that I trained at the Heart of Darkness School of Chicken-Bone Divination ,and that my degree was in Rapid Bicycle Repair,then please feel free to ask me where I am from and what university I trained at.

I really , really will not be offended...I really really do want you to feel safe.

But understand,that if instead you choose to open the consultation by asking me what part of Australia (or ,-worse-,New Zealand) I come from,then do not be surprised when I ask you what part of Wales you come from.

Unless you actually do come from which case I will ask you -very , very slowly- what part of the Indian sub-continent you come from...


An interesting place...think about it...the British Army has a theory that you always try to train harder than you will have to fight...and prepare the world's most elite troops ,the SAS,for the rigors of combat in Iraq and the Helmand Province,they send them to Wales to train...its physically and geographically the most inhospitable place in the world...and they prepare them psychologically by making them listen to Tom Jones records.

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